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From through , the Legislature and the Courts of Common Pleas handled divorces. In , the Court of Common Pleas alone began to govern divorce action. Since , these records have been kept in the Prothonotary's Office in the county where the divorce was granted. Divorces were rare in colonial Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War and early statehood. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Skip Ribbon Commands. Skip to main content. Turn off Animations.

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State Library of Pennsylvania. PA Dept.

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Page Content. For details on how to obtain access. To get relevant results, you'll have to identify who has what you're looking for:. If you're not sure where to look, call your local city hall or county commission office and ask for advice. You can also try searching for free sites that link to various sources of government records online. Government websites aren't the only sites that post public records. If you can't find what you want online at the relevant agency, try using sites such as Government Attic.

Divorce Records Lookup -

It's a website that posts public records acquired through various records requests. An online search may turn up other material someone has posted, for example as part of a political campaign. At time of writing, almost a third of government public records are not online. The only way to view them is if you visit the relevant government office or order copies.

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Going to the office and looking through records yourself is the cheaper choice. It may not be practical, however, if you're searching for information in, say, another state.

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If you need to request that staff take time to gather the records for a complex request, you may have to pay the government for its labor. Having copies of public records sent to you usually requires a fee. The Securities and Exchange Commission, for instance, will mail copies of SEC public records, but it will require you to pay for them The more records and the more papers you want, the higher the cost.

An Associated Press survey found that some bodies appear to charge prohibitively large fees.

Department of Records

Sometimes, even though you have a right to the information, a government employee may say no. If you believe your request is valid, write the department or agency a letter asking for the files under state or federal freedom of information laws. The process is simple and doesn't take a lawyer: write a letter to the agency saying which records you need.