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O6 D44 5 reels, First part of Index to mortgagee records included on reel 5.

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O6 L53 2 reels, ? Also entitled Lien Record. O6 M67 9 reels, - ; Microfiche F O6 M67 fiche, -. Also entitled Mortgage Record.

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O6 D45 2 reels, -. The first part of mortgagor index to mortgages is included on reel 5 of the index to deeds Microfilm F O6 D Department of State. Florida voter registration record : Orange County Microfilm F O6 V67 1 reel, O6 C55 42 reels, O6 G46 1 reel, ? O6 C65 2 reels, -. Books Includes indexes.

O6 C67 21 reels, Notwithstanding, the California Supreme Court just ruled on July 8, that this GIS data should be handed over the public, a reversal of previous decisions. This ruling is being hailed as a victory for public access to government GIS databases and for more government transparency with its maps. The case, which has raised all sorts of questions about the access and distribution of government information, had dragged on for many years.

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Their petition was filed under the California Public Records Act, which was passed in and authorized the disclosure of government records to the public when requested. The OC Landbase contains geographic information on over , parcels of land including boundaries and the names, numbers, and addresses of parcel owners. The Sierra Club wanted this information in order to identify land that could be saved from commercial development. Orange County, nonetheless, refused their request. The county claimed that because the databases existed in computer software format, the information was exempt under the Public Records Act.

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Furthermore, Orange County claimed that in order to have access, the Sierra Club would have to pay a substantial amount as a licensing fee in order to get the records in GIS-formatted files. On top of that, they would be required to follow strict rules regarding the disclosure and distribution of the database. On one hand, Orange County claimed that their GIS databases fall under the category of computer software, and electronic formats are not required to be released as public records unless the county can charge for them.

Orange County also wanted to charge for the information at commercial prices instead of the relatively small cost of duplication.

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