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What is the Difference between a Fault and a No-Fault Divorce?

For commercial drivers, a conviction can mean loss of a job. For everyone else, it can mean skyrocketing auto insurance rates. Driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration DUAC is a similar charge to driving under the influence in South Carolina.

How Alimony is Calculated & Alimony Modifications - Columbia SC Divorce Attorney Nick Mermiges

This charge is just as serious as DUI and involves essentially the same penalties and consequences. Our estate planning attorneys can help you draw up documents that leave guardianship or conservatorship decisions with you rather than placing them in the hands of a court once you are unable to make it. Our experienced estate planning lawyers can help ease your mind with special needs planning and tools that take care of a disabled child's financial future.

South Carolina Divorce & Separation

Call on our experienced attorneys to help make sure your Will is properly drafted and covers all the points that are important to you. We work closely with clients to help them reach solutions. It is a mistake to try to handle this division of marital property on your own, particularly if your spouse has hired an attorney. Mediation is a sensible approach for resolving traumatic changes within the family, such as a separation, divorce, child custody and support matters.

We handle foreclosures, collection actions, loan workouts, and loan modifications. We work with individuals, developers, builders, government entities, and businesses of all sizes from inception through completion. Additionally, we represent builders, both small and large. With decades of experience in helping families take care of the legal details after the death of their loved ones, our attorneys have the probate administration knowledge and experience to make sure estates are resolved as efficiently as possible.

Our veteran probate lawyers have the experience to present cases in probate court if necessary as well as the skills to help parties reach mutually agreeable resolutions. If you are involved in an estate where various sides are having difficulty reaching an agreement, talk us to learn how probate mediation could help. South Carolina separation or divorce: What NOT to do By Elizabeth Smith Owen When family law litigation is ongoing or being anticipated, tension runs high and too often emotions, rather than intellect, control the actions of litigants.

Keep voicemail messages short, professional, and to the point.

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Do NOT send angry, overly emotional or very descriptive text messages to your spouse, or to the father or mother of your child. Again, keep all communication short, business-like, and to the point.

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Completely refraining from posting messages and status updates on family law litigation is the best policy. During family law litigation, or if anticipating litigation, a good rule of thumb is to NOT say anything in person, on voicemail, in e-mail, text messages, instant messages, or on social media that you would not say in front of a judge in open court, and on the record with a court reporter. Abstain from the use of illegal drugs and the heavy consumption of alcohol.

Elizabeth Smith Owen Partner P More Commercial Leasing We regularly assist landlords and tenants in commercial leasing transactions, including in ground leases, build-to-suit leases, office, industrial, restaurant, shopping center, retail center, and medical office space leases. More Domestic Violence Even misdemeanor domestic violence cases can have serious consequences. More Juvenile Crime When a child's future is at stake after an encounter with the legal system, it's important to have an experienced defense attorney to make sure his or her rights are protected throughout the process.

More Property Crimes People who are charged with any type of property crime need experienced defense lawyers who understand the law of property crimes. If the other spouse has been significantly heinous, unreasonable or nasty during the pre-divorce proceedings or had an unfavorable ruling against them early on in the division of assets, it is important for the other spouse to be cognizant of that behavior. That is, by living together with knowledge of the past misdeed, it is implied that you have forgiven your spouse.

However, courts have found the existence of condonation when there was evidence of five months of continuous, uninterrupted cohabitation even if the relationship was strained during this time period. The voluntary engagement in sexual relations when the spouses cohabitate is another important factor in determining if a spouse condoned the past marital misconduct of another spouse. Even infrequent sex during cohabitation may be deemed enough for South Carolina courts to find condonation. Nevertheless, even if cohabitation exists for a 5-month period, South Carolina courts have been hesitant to find condonation if the spouses do not engage in sexual activity or behave in a manner signifying the attempted rekindling of the marital bond.

Clearly the SC family laws regarding reconciliation and condonation get a bit complicated, especially give how fact-specific legal rulings can be. You may be overwhelmed and not quite sure what to do.

Separation and Legal Separation in N.C.

We truly want to help you and sometimes that means providing information and advice about options available. You may also want to obtain some neutral third-party advice about reconciliation and if that is in your best interests. The divorce lawyers at our firm can guide you through the process. Bill is licensed only in the State of North Carolina.

The One-Year Requirement

Beddow is responsible for all legal cases in SC on behalf of the firm and is licensed to practice law in both states. Chris CarolinaAttorneys.

Can I Start Dating While Separated in South Carolina? – Maron Law Group

Carolina Attorneys Ready. Contact Us Now. Communities Served. South Carolina. Reconciliation in South Carolina Understanding Reconciliation and Condonation If you are seeking to reconcile and reestablish marital relations with your spouse in South Carolina, it is important to understand that you can affect your ability to obtain a divorce based on marital misconduct adultery, desertion, habitual drunkenness, physical cruelty or seeking alimony by forgiving one of the spouses for their previous marital misconduct.

What is Condonation?