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While it is certainly stressful to wait for your case to be called, do your best to remain calm. If your attorney is waiting with you, you can discuss your case until the judge comes in, then you must remain quiet. What Should I Wear? Whether you are a man or a woman, you need to look as professional as possible when you go to court. Judges expect you to be dressed conservatively and can view you negatively if you are not.

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Men should wear long pants, a tucked in shirt and a belt, preferable a button-up shirt with a collar, or a nice polo shirt. Wear dress shoes if you have them, rather than sneakers. Trim your hair and your facial hair, making sure you look neat and tidy. Women should wear a skirt or slacks with a blouse, or a conservative dress; if you wear a skirt or dress, make sure it is not too short, and if you wear pants, avoid capris—wear full-length pants.

New judge chosen to preside over Attorney General Ken Paxton's criminal case

Avoid sneakers, choosing nice, conservative shoes with a low heel. Keep your hair out of your face, using clips or barrettes if necessary, or a neat ponytail. Keep your makeup conservative and avoid long acrylic nails or nails painted in flashy colors. It is usually best to limit your jewelry to a watch and wedding ring, but if you do wear necklaces, earrings or bracelets, avoid loud or large jewelry. How Does Courtroom Security Work? You will be required to pass through a metal detector which is similar to those used in airports and could also be subject to a hand-held detector or a pat-down search.

Please enter defendant's :

If you bring personal items in, such as a briefcase or purse, those items will be screened by x-ray and could also be manually searched. It is not unusual to spend half an hour in the security line when appearing for court, so be sure to allow plenty of time.

No weapons are allowed in the courtroom and neither are pocket knives, scissors, any sharp object and self-defense sprays. You may be asked to remove your shoes, your coat, your belt, your cell phone, your keys and any loose change to have them screened through x-ray. Once you are inside the courtroom, if you must talk, do so in a low voice, and only before the judge arrives.

Do not use your cell phone inside the courtroom—turn it off and put it away. Obviously, there is no smoking or gum-chewing, and should you be rash enough to arrive at court intoxicated or hung over or you appear impaired, the judge may drug test you on the spot. You will likely spend a considerable amount of time waiting for your case to be called unless you are lucky enough to be called first.

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  4. When it is your turn, let your attorney answer questions on your behalf unless the judge asks you a direct question. In that case, consider your answer before you speak, and always answer respectfully, even if you are angry at something the judge says.

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    If yours is a relatively simple case, it could be resolved during your first court appearance. Other cases may take from days, while very serious criminal cases can take much longer. Do not leave the courtroom until your attorney says you can go home. Having an experienced Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer by your side can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Harris County Criminal Court. It is the same information that any individual may acquire through online directories or printed publications.

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    In-person requests for Probate Court records should also go to any of these addresses. To request for those court records, download, complete, and bring the Probate Court Record Request form. Mail requests for Probate Court records should go to:. Send email requests to ccProbFM hccountyclerk. These include documents from civil, criminal, and family law cases heard in the county's District courts. The District Clerk's Office provides an online portal for searching and viewing these documents.

    While using this public access service is free, users must first register on the website to search for court documents. Court documents for all 16 Justice Courts in Harris County are available on the county's website.

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    Head to the JP Online Service webpage to find links for obtaining case documents and court dockets as well as downloadable extracts of civil, criminal, and traffic case records. Contact the Houston Health Department for birth and death certificates for that city and the City Clerk's Office for vital records for Baytown.

    The Harris County Clerk's Office accepts requests for copies of birth and death certificates in person and by mail. For mail requests, include a Notarized Proof of Identification form as well as a Credit Card Authorization form for the required fees. The County Clerk also accepts requests for certified and plain copies of marriage licenses.