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Just Mind has many Gottman trained therapists which use the most evidence based approach to couples therapy 40 years of research and thousands of couples studied. Gottman therapists can help you more quickly get to the root of the problems you are encountering and help you with evidence based best practices and structured interventions to help you work through difficulties in your relationship.

Just Mind is a counseling center in Austin Texas that aims to remove the stigma from therapy through the environment we create and the unique attitudes of the associates who work with us. We were founded in by a husband and wife team and are a CarbonFree business. Marriage and Couples Counseling. Marriage and Couples Counseling Services.

Common Questions. How does marriage counseling work? What can a marriage counselor do for you? Is marriage counseling covered by health insurance? Can I use my HSA to pay for marriage counseling? Yes, you absolutely can. How much does it cost for marriage counseling? How do you choose a good marital therapist? You should both feel supported by your therapist.

If your therapist insists that there is only one way to have a successful marriage, find another therapist. Your perspective and feelings should be validated by your therapist. No one should feel ganged up on.

Make sure you and your partner set concrete goals early on with your therapist. You should be learning new skills and practicing implementing them. Watch how to complain without criticism Finally, I would suggest that you trust your instincts. Bring it up in session and if you need to, see someone else. Meet Our Team.


Blog Posts Related to Marriage and Couples. Why Time is Important in Relationships — A therapist explains how a little bit of time management in each role can lead to lasting love. So Much Commotion over Emotions — To help keep from lashing out at loved ones, a therapist takes a look at emotions to better understand how they work within us and how to express them in ways that build intimacy with the ones we love. Why Sexting is Good for Relationships — A therapist delves into why sexting can make your relationship better and gives tips on how to sext better. The Secret to Maintaining Sexual Desire — A therapist dispels myths about sexual desire and provides resources for how to maintain sexual desire in long-term, monogamous relationships.

What to Expect From Marriage Counseling — Are you curious about marriage counseling or planning to attend with your partner? Here is what to expect. What Makes Love Last? Simple Tips to Improve Your Relationship — A therapists gives tips to help you and your partner increase the connection in your relationship.

Four Factors That Predict the Investment in a Relationship — A post discussing the results of a research study which focused on four factors which help predict investment in a relationship. Crisis Management After an Affair — A therapist gives basic tips for crisis management after an affair and how to titrate the traumatic effects. How to Avoid the Blame Game — How to avoid blaming your partner when experiencing conflict.

Breaking Codependency in Relationships — Do you wonder if you or your partner are codependent upon one another? Learn simple tips to know and to learn what to do about it. Featured in. In addition to forensic, spinal cord, bariatric, and law enforcement evaluations, I also provide psychotherapy to adults, couples, and children. Are you in a relationship going no where?

Has infidelity entered the relationship and now you're at a crossroads?

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Are you caring for a loved one and feel you are losing yourself? Has retirement got you wondering "What now? I believe the client is part of a greater whole and addressing issues from a holistic perspective is important.

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I commit to join your journey as you seek peace, hope, understanding and connection. I am of the Christian faith and will honor your beliefs. Do your arguments often feel unproductive? I believe the ability to disagree well is key to a healthy relationship. I enjoy working with individuals and couples who want to improve their relationships. I specialize in helping couples improve their communication and rebuild trust. Relationships can be both wonderful and painful!

God created us for relationship with others and so He is the ultimate authority in helping us navigate them to find greater fulfillment and healthy connections with those we love. I am dually licensed as a professional counselor and a pastoral counselor. My approach to counseling integrates the basic truths and principles of the Christian faith into sound clinical methods.

My desire is to come alongside you, and through a safe therapeutic relationship, move towards renewed hope and peace in this difficult season.

Welcome To Chupik Counseling

I am here to support you or your loved one on the journey to health and provide you with tools and strategies to help you weather personal, professional, and parenting storms, whether through therapy or a thorough psychological assessment. I am currently taking clients age 12 and up. All services are for people of any sexual orientation and at all points on the gender spectrum. I believe we all have the strengths we need to overcome these challenges, but sometimes it's hard to recognize those strengths when we're in the midst of what feels like chaos.

Therapy with me is an opportunity to work collaboratively to create change in a safe, judgment-free space. I want to serve as a guide to help you navigate those challenges.

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  7. I believe the answers lie within you, and it is my goal to help you find them. I enjoy serving couples, single adults, men, women and adolescent males. Especially experienced in relationship counseling with emphasis on helping clients heal unresolved childhood issues affecting their present living; couples desiring to build deeper relationships, those in career and life transitions, and those dealing with anger, anxiety, fear, stress, depression, self-esteem, loss and grief and life's transitions. I am a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist and have a special interest in this area.

    I am certified in Prepare-Enrich for premarital counseling and enjoy helping couples build solid marriage "life" foundations. I also value working with couples and individuals to explore the impact their family of origin or current relationships are having on their emotions and coping. Finding healthy ways to cope with the stresses of today's world can be challenging, and I'd welcome supporting you in your journey. Do you feel stuck in a rut or have trouble making decisions?

    Are you experiencing troubles within your relationships with others? You are not alone and do not have to face these obstacles by yourself.

    Cedar Park, Texas therapists who specialize in kink / sexual outsiders. - TherapyDen

    I have devoted my practice to providing a supportive environment for you to express your true authentic self. Working collaboratively, I can guide you through the challenges you are facing, help you to develop communication and conflict resolution skills, help you explore healing, and help build up your strengths so that you can enjoy life more fully. You may be seeking support and aid in handling issues in a variety of areas in your life. I believe that each person holds a well of knowledge inside themselves; counseling and psychotherapy can help you to access this inner knowing and can lead to a greater understanding of the self and others - and can bring about profound change in your life.

    Stepping onto the path to self-discovery is the beginning of change. I would be honored to join you on your journey. Alway have. I discovered I loved helping people find their way out of feeling helpless and hopeless from their problems.

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    It is such a joy to see someone find that inner strength within to empower them to achieve their goals. Therapy should be the space to confront the emotions that arise so you can take on the world when you step out of the office. Refine Results Marriage Counseling.

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